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The Fly with a video camera.

The Fly was a Bono persona at Zoo TV; a character intended to represent the stereotypical rock star, wearing wrap-around shades with a full leather outfit, and carrying himself with exaggerated, sexual mannerisms. Bono recalls that during the Achtung Baby recording sessions, Fintan Fitzgerald, in charge of the band's wardrobe, found a 1970s pair of wraparound blaxploitation sunglasses. Bono would put them on and make everyone laugh whenever they ran into a problem. The shades came to symbolize the "new U2", a departure from the pious, rootsy U2 of the The Joshua Tree-era. Bono described the character as, "a barfly, a self-appointed expert on the politics of love, a bullshit philosopher who occasionally hits the nail on the head but more often it's his own finger-nail he leaves black and blue." The character featured in the music video for the song of the same name, as well as the video of "Even Better Than the Real Thing" and "Lemon".

In Zoo TV performances, The Fly would begin by appearing silhouetted against a video screen, dancing wildly as "Zoo Station" opened the show. During the song, he played around with the "typical rock star" act. He would then play guitar during "The Fly." Often, he would make a short introductory speech about Zoo TV after "The Fly," then played local TV channels on-screen. Then the band would begin "Even Better Than the Real Thing," in which he played with a handicam, filming The Edge's solo, then himself.

Has Bono been completly swallowed by The Fly?Edit

It is interesting to note that after Bono's Fly persona, He began wearing glasses more oftern and has seamed to have fit in with The Fly's behavoir, and has became less of the Earnest charecter we see around 1987.